Evelyn Glennie

It's people like Evelyn Glennie who turn the rest of us in to a bunch of whinging time wasters ..

Yet instead of feeling bad about it, she forces you off the couch in the most positive way. The solo percussionist / composer who has been profoundly deaf since the age of 12 yet has collaborated with Ana Vasconcelos, Kodo, Bela Fleck, Bjork, Bobby McFerrin, Sting, Emmanuel Ax, Kings Singers, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Fred Frith and the Taipei Traditional Chinese Orchestra.

I first saw Evelyn perform a three movement percussion / drum kit / cymbal work alongside an orchestra with my mother in '99. Not really knowing much about her, I remember us wondering why she was barefoot and I remember whispering amongst ourselves about a few odd moments where her stature didn't seem to be 'normal' (whatever that is). It was only during the final 5 minutes of the concert when the musical director presented her with a bunch of flowers that we realised she was profoundly deaf...

It was an incredible performance - I'll never forget the horn section playing rocks above their heads, whilst Evelyn tore the 'rock' drum kit apart. There were all sorts of humorous inclusions and connotations that demonstrated her outside of the box approach.

Anyway, she knows how to listen better than the vast majority of us!! I'll let her wrap this one up;