Rafik majzoub: Memoirs of a screw


A 5-part biographical documentary web series by Ann Megalla.

Rafik Majzoub (Born 1971, Jordan) is an Outsider Artist who landed on the Lebanese art scene like a tornado in the early 1990's and whose cult-like fame has gone beyond his city of adoption. Majzoub's curious character cuts through any false facade to expose the imperfections of life. Likewise, his emotionally charged artworks cracks open the murky corners of the soul & of the creative spirit.

With disarming honesty, and a voice that is intimately his own, Rafik Majzoub brings us a life story that is frank, fearless and true.

Directed, Written, Produced - Ann Megalla

Music - Abed K.

Sound Design & Mix - Dirk Terrill




David Bradbury - Keep The Camera Rolling

Inspirational documentary filmmaker David Bradbury shares his tips and insights into the world of documentary filmmaking.

Directed, Produced, Edited - Melissa Nesbitt

Music Composition, Sound Design, Mix - Dirk Terrill